This pandemic sure has turned many lives around. First, who would have thought that something like this would ever happen, especially in our lifetime? Not me.

I remember learning in school about viruses that have plagued humans in the past, but to think that it could still happen really has become an eye opener. And without a cure as it began to spread worldwide.

Now that there is a vaccine, and we are in the beginning stages of getting back to some normalcy, our world has changed and will continue to do so because of the coronavirus.

For example, many people ended up working from home, rather than the office. My sister and one of my best friends both continue to work from home. I asked them how they felt about this change, and they both are hoping that working from home for their job will become permanent.

My sister has a 20 minute or so daily commute, and working from home saves her a lot of gas, plus stress driving a secondary road in wintertime when the roads are subject to slippery conditions.

My best friend lives in Connecticut and works in New York City. Her commute is by train and is about a 2 hour ride one way. Working from home will shave 4 hours off her day traveling and probably a ton of money that would go to riding the train.

And here's another dilemma. With all the financial help from the government including increased unemployment pay, some workers are finding it better to just stay at home rather than get back into the workforce, especially if that pay is around minimum wage.

A business I go to locally just temporarily shut down it's second location due to the fact that they can't find workers. And while the main location has employees, it seems not as many as they normally would have.

Hopefully this is a temporary thing,. I'd hate to see local businesses have to cut back hours or shut down due to lack of people willing to work. And to think this all started with a virus.

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