Hard to believe, but it's true, I hadn't seen an ocean, Pacific, Atlantic or any other until I was 25 years old. Leading a somewhat sheltered life can be a cause of that, at least in my case.

You'd think that because a trip to visit any Atlantic Ocean town is as quick as a three hour trip, I'd have seen the ocean much sooner, but my family could never afford a weekend or vacation trip  like that. The furthest we got to a family trip or vacation was visiting the St. Lawrence Seaway. Nice, but not as nice as lounging on an ocean beach.

My first experience seeing an ocean was in 1980, when I made a weekend trip to Ocean City, Maryland. That experience was about the same excitement and awe as when I visited the Grand Canyon for the first time. I made return vacation trips for many years after, and cherished each trip.

It's been about 20 years since I last visited an ocean beach area, since I decided to begin a camping experience, first by tent camping, and then with travel trailers, taking my weekend and vacation times at a residential campground. While it is a wonderful place to get away, I do miss the awesomeness of spending time at an ocean beach town.

With our current pandemic situation, beaches for the most part around the country were closed or had very strict rules for patrons. Now, according to Pennlive.com, my favorite ocean destination, Ocean City, Maryland has opened up to visitors. There are still restrictions and precautions to adhere to when visiting, and restaurants will be open for takeout. All just in time for the Memorial Day Weekend.

I'm sure people are eager to to return to the beach, but do you think it's still too soon to open a beach and boardwalk to visitors? As long as everyone follows the rules, I think it would be a safe bet, but will they? Would you feel safe visiting a beach town at this time, of wait it our a little longer?

via Pennlive.com

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