What is your perfect day? Well, that could mean a lot of different things for different people. A day with no stress could be one. A day with no drama would be another. To live another day could be a great reason to call it a perfect day. You get the idea.

Well, how about the perfect day, weatherwise? For me, it's definitely a summer day while on vacation, with a nice mix of sun and clouds, temperatures in the low 70s, and low humidity. Throw in a comfortable lounge chair and some cold beverages and I'm in heaven.

The Family Destinations Guide website put together a study of the Most Perfect Day of the Year for each state in the U.S. They based their findings on the date with the most predicted sunshine, the best temperature, and the longest day of the year based on data from WeatherSpark over the past 36 years.

So what is the Most Perfect Day of the Year for New York State in 2022? Family Destinations Guide reports that the date is July 17th.

This date is an average of the following data: the date with the most predicted sunshine - June 29th; the date with the best temperature - August 31st; and finally, the longest day of the year - June 21st.

Now, keep in mind, that this is no guarantee. July 17th could turn cold with accumulating snow. Just kidding (I hope), but a rainy day on that date would spoil the most perfect day, that is unless you are related to the Munster Family and enjoy a good rainy day.

By the way, Family Destinations Guide mentions that the most ideal emperature  best for your body during summer is a setting of 78 degrees. Check out the Most Perfect Day in 2022 for each state below:

 via Family Destinations Guide

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