What were your favorite subjects or class in school? Math, Science, English or History maybe? Mine was recess. Okay, that's not a subject or class, but it was more fun than the rest.

I did not do well with math. I can't describe just how much I hate math. Probably the subject I liked the most if I had to choose, would be history. Actually I am more into history now than I was while in school. I recently dived more into learning about World War 2. There was a lot of things about the war that I never knew. While it was tragic, there were also many heroic events that happened over the course of World War 2.

I also love to learn the history and geography of the planet. One of the things we learned about in school was the Earth's oceans. There are four oceans on Earth - Pacific, which is the largest, the Atlantic, Indian and Arctic oceans. But wait! Is there now a fifth ocean?

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Well, according to the National Geographic and NOAA, there is. They, along with many countries around the world are recognizing the waters around Antarctica as an ocean, named the Southern Ocean. NOAA  describes the the Southern Ocean as "extending from the coast of Antarctica to the line of latitude at 60 degrees South."

June 8th was was World Oceans' Day, and it was on that day that the National Geographic officially recognized the waters around Antarctica as the 5th ocean. I think it makes sense. The Arctic has its own ocean, so why not the Antarctic. The water flow basically goes around the continent, so it sets itself apart from the adjoining oceans. Four has now become five oceans. Welcome to the family, Southern Ocean.

via NOAA, National Geographic

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