Every day, I look at the snack machine here at the station and ask myself, “Why did you give up chips, candy and cookies for lent?” I must be in the break room at least six times a day to get coffee, soda or water and there are all these yummy snacks just teasing me. The first two weeks here wasn’t too bad because they machine was pretty much empty. Now it’s full and it even has Swedish Fish!

Yes, I’m Catholic and every year during lent I decide what I will give up. It’s hard. One year I gave up beer. That was a HUGE mistake. I won’t do that again. I usually give something up and forget half way through the 40 days what my choice was until I’m enjoying it again. This time I figured I would give up candy, cookies and chips because it would be a sacrifice and they have a ton of calories. Chips are my downfall. I love chips. All kinds, all flavors. I have been eating combos, because they are not chips. They are cheese filled pretzels. Some people may say that’s just a technicality, but I don’t think I be banished to hell for having them.

Next year I have to give this more thought, any suggestions? I could give up speaking Spanish for lent. That would be easy because I don’t know Spanish.

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