I don't think your doctor would approve of this diet.

There's a man from Cincinnati Ohio named Del Hall who gave up food for Lent last year and only drank beer. He wound up losing 44 pounds in 46 days according to the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Well, the 44 year-old has decided to do it again this year, and this time he's trying to set a world record. According to the report, the record for only consuming beer is 50 days straight. So even though Lent is only 40 days, Paul is going to extend his beer diet to try and break the record.

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Hall is an army veteran who now works as a sales director for Fifty West Brewing Company. (Gee, I wonder where he got the idea?)

He believes it will be easier this year having done it last year. However according to the report,  last year Hall admitted there was a big fear of dying.

For the record, after last year's Lenten season, once Del went back to consuming food, the report states that he put about half of the weight that lost back on.

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