I've never been to a Trader Joe's grocery store, but I sure have heard a lot of talk about it, all good.

The Ithaca Voice has reported that a Trader Joe's is landing in Ithaca. Where and when is not exactly known, but The Ithaca Voice has done their homework trying to pinpoint where the location may be. They may have found where the store will be, but no definite indication if or when construction may begin.

Trader Joe's has a devoted following, much like Wegmans does, and there's been a big push to get one in the Ithaca area for some time now.

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If you are not familiar with a Trader Joe's grocery store like I was, I checked out the story on the Trader Joe's website stating that they don't have sales, loyalty programs or other gimmicks. They buy direct from suppliers. buy in volume and keep their costs low.

We've done articles in the past asking Whale listeners what business they would like to see come to the Binghamton area, and Trader Joe's has always been high on the list. If one does come to Ithaca, could it be just a matter of time before we see one pop up in the Triple Cities area? Time will tell.

via The Ithaca Voice and Trader Joe's

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