How would it feel to know that you work in one of the best workplaces in New York State? Knowing that your company cares about its employees, treats its customers well, and offers great products.

That's not the case with every company, but many do in the Empire State. Recently, Fortune partnered with analytics firm Great Place to Work, to compile the 35 Best Large Workplaces in New York State. Together, they analyzed a survey feedback that represented close to 140,000 employees.

Fortune and Great Place to Work methodology was designed through themes and metrics that reveal whether employees feel their workplace is great, and predict retention, agility, and overall business success. For more details on the methodology, click HERE. 

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In the Top 5, one of these 35 best large workplaces has a location in the Greater Binghamton area. I bet you can guess what that business is. If you guessed Wegmans Food Markets, you guessed correctly.

The survey notes that Wegmans was the #3 best New York State large workplace. The Top 10 from #1 to #10 include American Express, Synchrony, Wegmans, Deloitte, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Metlife, Merc, Mastercard, EY and KPMG.

So how about the Best Small and Medium New York State workplaces? On a list of the 65 best, as compiled by Fortune and Great Place to Work, Lalor Family Dental with locations in Binghamton, Vestal, and Horseheads, comes in at #54.

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