Last year we got new neighbors. Three brothers and their kids moved in next door to us. They have been awesome neighbors so far.

Last year they put on a little bit of a fireworks display for the 4th of July. This year, being that 4th of July Extravaganza was cancelled at Highland Park in Endwell, they went all out. And I mean, ALL OUT.

They went in on a bunch of fireworks with some friends of theirs. Together, must have spent about $1,000 on the fireworks. They had just about every firework that you would see at Highland Park, or at a Binghamton Rumble Ponies game. We sat on our patio with a fire in the fire pit and just watched in awe.

The show went on for about a half hour. It included an awesome Grand Finale that again, came close to the fireworks at Highland Park. Two houses further down from ours, were also shooting off fireworks so they kind of blended right into the show to make it even better yet.

After Mass on Sunday, I had a neighbor stop me and she asked if we were shooting the fireworks off in our yard. I said no, it was our neighbors, but they were shooting up over our yard. She said that they watched the fireworks from her house and said it was almost as good as watching the fireworks at Highland Park. It was even better yet that she didn't have to deal with an hour’s worth of traffic driving out of Highland Park.

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I second that notion. I was able to sit on the back deck and drink beer while watching the show, and when it was over, I just walked right in my back door and enjoyed the air conditioning.

Check the photos from the show.

Fireworks From Jim Free's neighbors in Endicott.


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