I was standing outside the radio station today and as a car drove west down Court Street, I noticed the woman in the passenger seat was making hand gestures. As they got closer, I realized that she was signing for the driver.

I'm not sure which one is, or if both of them are deaf, but it made me realize how hard that must be. If you are driving is must be difficult to look at a passenger and read their sign language while paying attention to the road. It's dangerous too. Just like texting while driving, you are taking your eyes off the road. Even if you take your eyes of the road for a couple of seconds, it could have drastic consequences.

It also made me grateful for the ability to hear. Even though my wife would tell you I have suggestive hearing, my hearing is fine.

After the car passed, I thanked God for the gift of sound. With out it, I wouldn't be able to do my job, or enjoy music.

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