Here we are September 28th and some of my neighbors are already putting up their Halloween decorations. I think it's too early but what do I know? I usually have my house decked out for Christmas come Thanksgiving, or at least the outside of the house is done by turkey day or Black Friday by the latest.

For Halloween we usually start putting stuff out the week of . Then during the afternoon of Halloween, we deck out our front yard with all the scary stuff. Sometimes it's so scary that the little kids will cross the street and go past our house on the other side, afraid to come and get our goodies. And we really do give away goodies. We stuff a bag full of 10 candies for each kid. So if they're brave enough to come to our house with the flashing lights, the flying objects. the animatronics, and the screams coming from inside the house, they are rewarded handsomely.

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