Time to dust off the Whale Time Machine and head back into Rock-n-Roll history.
Let's set the date to April 14th, 1973. It seems there was a lot of great rock music that came out in that year, which by the way, was my senior year in high school. Lucky me!

On this day way back then (am I getting old?) the top spot on the UK album charts was occupied by 'Houses of the Holy' by Led Zeppelin for two weeks. It didn't reach that same number one spot on the US album chart until May 12th.

The album contains several gems, including No Quarter, Dancing Days, D'yer Mak'er and my favorite - The Rain Song. To be truthful, every song is fantastic. It's one of those albums you can play over and over again, and never tire of the songs on it.

Fun fact - the girl on the cover was climbing on the Giants Causeway, located in Northern Ireland.

For this week's Classic Rock Throwback Thursday, let's travel to another time - 1975, Earls Court, for The Rain Song. Enjoy!

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