The N.H.L. Stanley Cup Playoffs start tomorrow and I can't wait. I watch as many playoff games as I can. The intensity rises to another level. Overtime becomes sudden death and can go on for hours and hours. I’ll watch any game as long as it’s close. When a team is up by five or six it really sucks, unless it’s your team that’s leading. Then that is awesome.

I remember staying up until 2:30 in the morning 17 years ago as my Flyers and the Pittsburgh Penguins played in a five overtime classic. It was the third longest game in NHL history. I remember sitting on the edge of the couch, then the edge of the bed as the game went into the morning hours. Every time the Penguins touched the puck I held my breath, and every time the Flyers had possession, my heart was pounding. The Flyers won as Keith Primeau scored with 7:59 left on the clock in the 5th overtime. I had to be to work at five in the morning, but being that the Flyers won, I really didn’t have a hard time getting out of bed after a two hour power nap.

So with the games starting tomorrow, I won’t be getting much sleep for the next two months or so, but it will be worth it as long as the games are close.

If you are not into hockey, I urge you to give playoff hockey a look. It’s amazing how fast these guys are skating. Some of the hits are harder than football and they are doing it all on a razor sharp blade.

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