Friday after work while taking my dog Hagar out, I noticed there were big clumps of grass in our backyard that were higher than other parts of our lawn. Every year, this is a sign for me to get the lawnmower out and cut the grass for the first time. But knowing that we were supposed to see snow  Friday night into Saturday,  I figured I wouldn't have to worry about that this weekend.

Our grass always takes longer to start growing than the houses across the street from us. The sun rises behind our house and there are trees back there that shade a good portion of our yard. By the time the sun start shining on the front of the house, It is already on its way down.

So in other words, our neighbors grass on the other side of the street is much higher than ours. And those high patches in our yard that I mentioned are behind the garage so it's not like anybody's really going to see them anyway.

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Sunday afternoon, with the temperature up in the 50's at my house in Endicott, I decided to cook out on the grill. While we're inside eating, I could hear one of my neighbors had their lawn mower going. That was the first one I heard since late last year.

After I finished eating, I went outside but I didn't hear the lawn mower. I looked around and I still have no idea which neighbor mowed their lawn, so maybe their yard really didn't need it. Maybe they were just bored and wanted to get outside to enjoy the sunshine.

How about you, have you mowed your lawn yet?

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