It's was a long cold winter here in the Binghamton area. We had a couple nice days in February and March, but most of April was crap. Yesterday, with the temperatures in the 70's and sunny skies, I finally got the lawn mower out of the garage and mowed my grass. It was really high in spots, so high in fact, that it clogged the blade and caused the mower to stall a few times. But, I made my way through the yard and it looks good now. I would have mowed it earlier, but with Ian's graduation, golf league, and other commitments, the only days I had time to do it, Mother Nature didn't cooperate.

Before I fired up the lawnmower I should have gone out and picked up all the twigs and tree branches that fell in my backyard over the winter. The back of our yard is lined with trees and some of them are pretty old. There were a ton of sticks and even some full branches that have fallen since last summer. The biggest one was roughly 14 feet long. I break them up and use them in the fire pit during the summer. But, being the procrastinator that I am, instead of picking them up and then mowing, I was trying to move them out of the way as I was cutting the grass. Every now and then I would get super lazy and just run over a small twig or tree branch with the mower. As the shrapnel flew from the spinning blades I thought to myself, 'I could lose an eye doing this'. But it all worked out and the yard looks pretty good now. I still have to get the weed wacker out to do the trim and then get my edger out and edge along the sidewalks. Maybe I will do that today if I leave work early enough.

Even though yard work isn't my favorite thing to do in the nice weather, it gets me outside to enjoy the spring weather so I will deal with it.

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