ESPN is reporting that a couple "Anonymous" players for the Giants have come out and said that coach Ben McAdoo has lost the team and some of the players have given up trying for him.

Let me start by saying fans are more passionate about their teams than the players are and that's a fact. Players get paid to play a game and most of them would give up their allegiance to their team to go somewhere else to get paid more money. I don't know about you, but I'm all in when it comes to my teams. I don't care if they go winless in a season or undefeated in a season. I am still proud to say that I am a fan of that team. If this accusation is true, and some of the players have given up on their coach and the team, that means they've also given up on their fans. And to me that is horrible. Yeah, maybe they won't make the Superbowl this year but that should not matter. Every play that you are on the field for, you are representing your fanbase and you should play with pride and do the best you can for them. If you are just there for a paycheck, do us all a favor and quit. I would rather see players out there giving 100% then a bunch of prima donnas who don't like their coach. If you don't believe in your coach, or if you don't like your coach, you should still be out there giving 100% because your name is on the back of that Jersey and you should take pride in your team and representing your fan base. The following year, work to go play for another coach or another team, that's fine, but while you are getting paid millions of dollars to put on that jersey, play with heart and play for the city that supports you.

Playing in the NFL is a privilege. Players that have given up trying, regardless of what the team's record is, should get out.

[via ESPN]

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