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Despite all the fun and candy, Halloween can actually be a pretty dangerous time of year, especially with loads of trick-or-treaters roaming the streets in the dark night.

One organization is looking to change that, though.

A petition on Change.org by the Halloween & Costume Association calls for a brand-new holiday for trick-or-treaters: National Trick-Or-Treat Day. As of writing, it has just over 150,000 signatures.

The day would fall on the final Saturday in October, and would be specifically for trick-or-treating, which obviously takes place currently on Halloween each year.

The problem with trick-or treating on Halloween is that October 31 is on a different day of the week each year. This forces trick-or-treating to happen at night because during the day, kids are in school and parents are at work.

Having an additional Saturday holiday, the petition reads, would create an environment where trick-or treating could occur during the daytime.

This could seem like a relatively minor change, but the petition listed some stats about nighttime trick-or-treating that are alarming, including:

  • 3,800 Halloween-related injuries occur each year
  • 82 percent of parents don’t make sure their kids use high-visibility components on their costume
  • Children are twice as likely to be hit by a car on Halloween
  • 63 percent of kids don't bring a flashlight with them when trick-or-treating
  • 65 percent of parents do not discuss Halloween safety with their children

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