It's that time of year, again. Time to give up the fantasy that summer won't end. As much as I'd like to extend the season much longer than it is, that's not a reality. At least not for the part of the country we live in.

The reality is, I now have the sad task of closing up my camper for the season, which ends October 31st. How scary. It will take a bit longer this year for me to store everything away since I keep buying stupid stuff for my campsite, like lawn ornaments, outside lighting, and plants.

Granted, it all looks nice for the six months the campground is open, but I'm running out of places to store all this stuff, except for the plants. The frost already killed them. In addition to all that, I bought a used riding lawn mower this season to make it easier to mow the property around my plot of land. Ok, I really just wanted a riding lawn mower. You know how that goes, right? I need to find a space to store it, along with my 30 year old golf cart. Yes, I know to be sure to pour some fuel stabilizer in the gas tanks for the winter.

Over the next two weeks, everything will be packed away or brought home, like some of those frozen meals I bought back in May. They're still good aren't they? Maybe not.

And lastly, the winterizing process will begin. Blowing out the water lines so they don't freeze over the frigid winter, filling them with antifreeze, emptying out the hot water tank, gray water tanks and the ever smelly black water tank. When that's all taken care of, the slides go in, and the power gets turned off.

All in all, it's about an hour or two, taking my time of course to get all that done, and my camper is ready for a six month sleep. May 1st, 2020 seems like a long way off.

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