My wife Chris and I have been in a couples golf league at Conklin Players Club for at least the last 10 years. When we first joined it was on Tuesday nights, then it moved to Wednesday nights, and for the last 5 years or so it has been on Monday nights. Last night was the first night of the new season.

We arrived at the course early so I can get my stretching in this time so I didn't throw my back out like I did two weeks ago. It was good to see the other couples from our league, as well as the guys who golf in the men's league that play the opposite nine than we do every week. We were paired up with our friends Dave and Kathy. They have been in the league almost as long as we have. Over the years we have become friends and have golfed in captain and crew tournaments with them at other courses as well.

The first two holes started out okay. I bogeyed the first hole after my tee shot ended up in the sand. On the second hole, hole number 11, a par-4, I had a nice drive and my second shot landed and stuck three feet from the pin. I ended up missing the birdie putt pushing it right. I tapped in for a par and thought to myself, ' I'm going to have a good round'. I was wrong. I didn't par many holes after that. On the bright side, the first week's scores help to build our handicap.

And you know what they say, a bad day of golf is better than a good day at the office.

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