Who doesn't love to fish? Well, if truth be made, it's me. Now, wait a second. It wasn't always that way.

According to our always reliable website, National Day Calendar, it's National Fishing Day. While the sunny, blue skies indicate that would bea good idea, today (6/18) is just too hot to do so. That is, unless you don't have air-conditioning where you live. In that case, being outdoors, under shade next to a river or creek or pond, being outside is probably the better option.

I grew up in a family that loved to hunt and fish. Very outdoorsy, my family and relatives were. During deer season, every one of my relatives homes had a deer hanging from the front tree.

When April 1st rolled around, no matter what the weather was at the time, we went to the creek on opening day to fish. Once Smelt season began, my Dad and I would join my uncles and we'd trek up past Ithaca, on the edge of Cayuga Lake to go after our limit of those tiny sliver little things. It was fun to fish. Not so fun to clean hundreds of Smelt at a time.

Now as for fishing otherwise, I sort of enjoyed it when I was young, but quickly became bored of it. I guess sitting still for an extended period of time was not a part of my younger selves plans.

I remember one time, my Dad, a few relatives and I were fishing off a dock on a small lake, where I was standing up the entire time. Apparently I became a little bit too bored, and fell asleep...fishing pole in hand...standing up. Next thing I realized, I was in the water, heading down, completely immersed.

Without hesitation, my Dad jumped in, completely clothed, and snatched me up and out of the water and back on the dock. To this day, when I get together with any of my relatives who were there that day, the topic comes up. So happy to be able to provide them with a funny moment in time...forever.

So Happy Fishing Day. Just count me out to join in. I made my mark on the sport. One I vow not to repeat. If I want fish, I'll go to a fish fry.

via National Day Calendar

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