I love coffee. I can drink it all day long. I need coffee to help me wake up in the morning and if I don't have any I get the caffeine headaches. Yep, nothing better than a freshly brewed pot of coffee, unless it's FLAVORED coffee. YUCK! This morning, I walked out of the studio here at work to go get a cup of coffee. As soon as I open the door, I instantly smelled something that smelled like a combination of hazelnut and dog crap. I walked in the break room to find a full pot of flavored crap.I hate flavored coffee. I think coffee should taste like coffee just like beer should taste like beer. Can you tell I don't like flavored beer either? That's another blog for another day. I even hate the smell of flavored coffee. I've had former co workers say, "Oh, but it makes the whole place smell so good". Really? If you think that smells good, smell the inside of my sneakers. You'll love it! Even after the flavored coffee is gone the taste continues on. If you don't scrub the pot and the coffee filter holder, the next pot will still taste like crap. I don't care what flavor you have, french vanilla, blueberry, pumpkin spice... They all taste the same to me. Crap!

I just want coffee flavored coffee. Is that too much to ask?

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