Last Thursday, my Greyhound, Kaygo, (yes, it is an odd name for a dog, I know) exhibited something I'd never seen before in a Greyhound, or any dog I've had over the past 35 years.

Just over a year ago, I decided to adopt another Greyhound. It had been a few months since the unexpected loss of my Greyhound, Wizard. If you have a love for animals, you know how hard it is when they pass away. Some people never adopt again, others, like me, wait several months before bringing in another animal into their home.

We adopted Kaygo from a different regional Greyhound rescue group, since the group we normally get all our Greyhounds, had just adopted out all the dogs they had at the time.

She came to us as a very shy Greyhound. And a little more that a year later, while Kaygo has warmed up to me, she still is not quite sure if she can completely trust me. She is also afraid of the wind, the neighbor who likes to hang out on a second story balcony, and any loud or strange noises.

Last Thursday, she jumped off the couch, and started wandering around the house, kind of wobbling as she walked, and it almost looked like she didn't know where she was or was having some sort of sight problem. The symptoms lasted a few minutes and then she was fine for a day or so. On the weekend, these episodes occurred a couple more times.

So on Tuesday, we took her to the vet to have her checked out, showing our vet doctor a video of one of the episodes. We have a great vet. She explained the many things that could have triggered these episodes and did some blood work, which showed no issues. We were advised to keep a journal of our Greyhound if she experiences any more symptoms. It's been several days since Kaygo's last episode, so here's hoping it was just a temporary thing. It's all for the love of our Greyhound.

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