Well, the first weekend of fall is in the history books. Okay, probably nothing of major importance would qualify the weekend as something we'd read about 100 years from now.

It was a warm and somewhat sunny weekend, so that was a plus. The color of the leaves on the trees at camp are turning quickly. I am now counting down the weekends I have left before it's time to winterize my camper and bid it farewell for the six months from November to May.

Speaking of my camper, I'm still dealing with some sort of a water leak. Last week, one of my friends came to the campground and re-sealed the sides of all the camper slide-outs and checked for any issues on the roof, which is what you are supposed to do anyway on a regular basis. His thought was that maybe water had leaked down the side walls of the slide-outs and was emptying out on the ground through the underbelly of the camper.

It made sense, but this past weekend, after turning on the camp water, I noticed water slowing leading out of the underbelly again. It's never an easy fix for me, so we'll continue searching for the leak. It's not fun trying to located water line issues underneath a 9000 pound camper.

On the upside of the weekend, my new Greyhound is adapting well to his new surroundings including the camper. Up until this weekend, whenever we leave for any amount of time, he gets put in his crate for safety. On Saturday, we tried an experient, thinking he is ready for the next step. So, we left him out as we left to do some shopping, and upon returning, we found him happily sleeping on his dog bed. Experiment successful!

Since that went well at the campground, we will now leave him out of his crate at home as well. That means no more howling when we leave for work. He hated being in the crate and separated from our other dogs. We're fortunate that he is a smart Greyhound. We've have others who weren't as quick to learning.

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