Being a proud adopter of Greyhounds for twenty years, I am continually amazed with the personality of the breed.

When we have meet and greets (or did until the pandemic hit) with our Greyhounds, we get a lot of interesting comments and questions like, my they are big dogs, and since they were runners they must need a lot of exercise and a huge yard.

Well, Greyhounds come in many sizes, and I've never considered their size to be an issue. As for the continued need to run with lots of space, that's not really true. We affectionately call Greyhounds 'couch potato's.' All of my Greyhounds prefer to lay about the house, some hogging the couch and some the bed and there's not much I can do about that.

Sure, it's a good thing to take them for a walk on a lease (never let them off leash when walking a Greyhound), and if you have a fenced in yard, that's great for your Greyhound, although most of mine just want to do their business and high tail it back into the house.

All of my Greyhound, except for one, have been very friendly and love to shower you with kisses. My girl, Kaygo, has taken a bit of time to get used to me. Not sure why she was so shy around me, but as time has gone by, she's doing much better. Although sometimes she looks at me as if to say, "who is that guy and what is he doing in my space?"

As for my Italian Greyhound, Sir Lance-A-Lot (no I did not name him), thinks he is the same as my two Greyhounds, and doesn't realize how much smaller he is. Where my Greyhounds are for the most part, calm dogs, Lance is the opposite. He is wired like he's just downed several cups of coffee.

Greyhounds (and my Italian Greyhound) have become a huge part of my life, and will continue to be so as long as I am healthy and able to care for them.

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