Although it only had a two season run, this 1960’s TV sitcom featured a cast of iconic ghouls from Frankenstein to the Wolfman.

Making his TV debut in 1964, the story of a typical American family of the 1960’s, with Dad earning the paycheck, Mom maintaining the home, the sweet child, and the relative that lives with them, that almost sums it up.

Universal Studios had all the rights to the classic horror characters, from the movies that filled the theaters in the 1930’s and 40’s.

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They took these most terrifying monsters, and made them into a googy, campy family, and gave them a perfect last name, “The Munsters”

Herman Munster played by Fred Gwynne, was the father, he was the Frankenstein monster, turned goof ball, and my favorite character on the show.

His wife was Lily Munster,who was the daughter of Dracula, and they had a son Eddie Munster, who was a cross between the wolfman, and some kind of vampire.

Grandpa Munster,played by Al Lewis, was Dracula without a doubt, he was always working on experiments, that would somehow go awry,

Marilyn Munster was the niece and just a beautiful woman, the family referred to her as the plain one.

The show featured many great actors of the time, and was hilariously funny.

I loved the scenes were Grandpa would turn into a bat, or Herman would crash through a wall or break something by just leaning on it, and of course the reaction of people who saw them and ran for their lives.

In spite of only running for two seasons, there are 70 episodes of the original series.

I have all 70 and occasionally watch some episodes, they are still as funny as the first time I saw them.

Enjoy a few moments from this classic show on Flashback Friday.



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