I was thinking about all the TV shows that featured characters that were never seen on camera, here are my top five favorites.


  1. Carlton the Doorman - This was a character on the TV series 'Rhoda'. His voice was always booming over the intercom to the tenants in the building. The character was dry, kind of dim witted and honestly, I think he was tanked most of the time, but it made for excellent TV. Carlton was voiced by the late Lorenzo Music, who also was the voice of Garfield, until his death in 2001.
  2. Wilson - Wilson, played by actor Earl Hindman, was the neighbor of Tim Taylor on the TV series 'Home Improvement'. Each week millions of viewers would try to peek through the slats of the fence to catch a glimpse of the jolly neighbor's face. This remained a mystery through the series' run.
  3. Charlie Townsend - The infamous voice of the 1970’s TV series 'Charlies Angels'. Since John Forsythe was a well known actor, most of us knew the voice on the other since of the phone each week as we watched the Angels jiggle about, though he was never seen on the series.
  4. George Steinbrenner - George Costanza’s boss and NY Yankees owner (but not the real Steinbrenner), was always filmed from the back so you never really seen his face. Most often he was sitting behind his office desk offering George bizarre advice and going off on tangents. The character was voiced by the show’s co-creator, Larry David!
  5. Mrs. Wolowitz - Howard's mother on 'The Big Bang Theory was heard yelling at her son from the other room, her timing and talent made the unknown face a favorite on the show. Carol Ann Susi, the voice of Mrs. Wolowitz died of cancer in 2014 at the age of 62.

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