No town, village and city is perfect or has everything you need (OK, maybe New York City does), but smaller municipalities like ours could always use something new or improved.

I work and patronize businesses in Binghamton, and I thought of some things I'd like to see come to the area. Doesn't necessarily need to be in the city. It could be anywhere in the Triple Cites area. It is my wish list.

These are places I'd visit often. Maybe they don't make any a lot of sense, so if you have some of your own, like a wish list, let me know what you would like to see new or improved in the Binghamton area.

  • 1

    An Amusement Park

    We used to have a few. How many people in our area travel to other amusement parks for a day of fun? I bet it's a lot, and that money spent could stay here. Doesn't have to be a huge park, but one that would be affordable and fun for all ages.

  • 2

    A Water Park

    If an amusement park idea is too big, how about a smaller scale - a water park? What a great place to cool off and enjoy during the warm weather season? Yes, it does get warm here for a few months.

  • 3

    More Job Opportunities

    Yes, this is an obvious wish. We keep hearing that people are leaving the area because of many reasons, and one of those reasons is that there are no good jobs. What kinds of jobs/businesses do we need here that could turn things around? Suggestions?

  • 4

    More/Better Parking Areas

    We've all noticed that the Downtown Binghamton area is growing. New business, restaurants, bars and local breweries. So where do you park?  We just lost one parking ramp, and I understand the collier street ramp will eventually be re-built is some form, but in the meantime, parking can be a challenge.

  • 5

    A Downtown Commons Area

    Many cities have shutdown a downtown street permanently for pedestrian traffic only. These areas are full of great local shops, pubs, restaurants and maybe even add a farmers market. Not sure where that would work downtown, but it's an idea!