For those of us who love amusement parks (and who doesn't) the season is over for 2021, that is unless you live in the warmer climates of the United States. But for those of us in the Northeast, it's "wait until Spring of 2022."

I love all kinds of thrill rides. I can deal with pretty much anything an amusement park has to offer. Rollercoasters that turn you upside down, corkscrews, going backward, whatever, bring it on.

I've been a huge fan of Disney rides for years. The Rock-n-Rollercoaster where you are immediately shot at high speed into the darkness is a favorite, as is Space Mountain and Expedition Everest. And of course, there's Cedar Point in Ohio for those who are big fans of various types of rollercoasters. Unfortunately, I've never been to that park.

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I have also been a huge fan of some of the traditional rides like 'The Himalaya' and the 'Roundup. Those types of rides you typically see at local carnivals and fairs.

But lately, I've discovered a ride that looks very intriguing. It's something I've never been on, and it might be something that I might not have the courage to ride. It's called the 'Slingshot.' Videos of this ride keep popping up on my social media site feeds.

This ride, if you can call it that, basically shoots you in the air via a two-seater tethered with bungee-type cords attached to two huge towers. According to the Cedar Point website, you go up to 360 feet, speeding up to 62 miles per hour. And then end up rotating upside down and rocking back and forth before slowing being brought back to the launch point.

Would I try this? I want to, but I'm not sure at my age, my ticker would hold out. But wow, what a wild way to go out, right? Check out a couple of YouTube videos below of this Slingshot in action, and hold onto your lunch!

via Cedar Park, YouTube

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