Even though the calendar says it's August, there's still plenty of summer left, and time to enjoy all that outdoor fun. One of the things I love to do but haven't in a whale, is to visit theme parks that are within in a couple hours or so drive from the Binghamton area.

There's Darien Lake near Buffalo, Enchanted Forest in the Adirondacks, Seabreeze near Rochester, Hersey Park in Hershey PA, Dorney Park in Allentown, PA and Koebel's in Elysburg, PA to name a few.

My favorite rides in each of these parks are hands down, the rollercoasters. I love a good, fast, winding, twisty rollercoaster ride. Almost like the two lane roads you drive on in Northeastern Pennsylvania, minus the fast part. You've got to agree with me on that comparison, right?!

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And the higher the drops, the more upside down features, the better as far as I'm concerned. Some people don't enjoy wooden rollercoaster, and I can understand the feeling of your brain being rattled to pieces isn't the best experience, but they are the original type of rollercoaster, and I still love the thrill of it all.

If you can't get away to visit a theme park this summer, take a break, pretend you are at an amusement park in New York State or Pennsylvania, and enjoy a few POV (point of view) roller-coaster videos filmed at amusement parks not too far from the Binghamton area that I found on YouTube.

We've got you in the front seat, so hold on to your hat and anything else that could fly off, and get ready to ride!

Via YouTube

Ride of Steel, Darien Lake


 Fahrenheit Roller Coaster, Hershey Park, Hersey, PA


Tallon Rollercoaster, Dorney Park, Allentown, PA


Impulse, Knoebels Amusement Resort, Elysburg, Pa


BatWing at Six Flags in Bowie, Maryland
Okay, this one is a bit our of our area, but I thought you'd like to check out this different way to seat you on the ride.

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