This weekend's theme was not born out of the brains of Don Morgan or Jim Free. We were tired and out of ideas, so we called in Pam Brooks. She is much smarter than we are.

It took her about 5 seconds to come up with a clever weekend theme weekend. Her response was to play songs from rock artists debut albums. And play a triple-shot each hour. Featuring a different artist for each song in the triple-shot.

Jim and I looked at each other the same way Beavis and Butthead do. Sometimes we act that way too. Wow, and Pam is now a part of our exclusive weekend theme meeting every week. Of course, as the new person in the room, she has to provide the beer for the next month. Those cold beverages get our thinking brains moving. Sort of.

So, there you go again. Jim and I dodged the bullet, as we do every week. It's a talent. Just sayin.

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