Since this was a four day work week for those of us who were off on Memorial Day, getting our daily chores done in four days versus five is a bit rough for us radio personalities.

Reading that back, I can't believe how lazy and whiny we can be. Oh, well. This week, Jim and I felt the pressure of coming up with this weekend's music theme. One of his ideas was to some up with Classic Rock songs that contain the word 'Hell' in them.

Great, I can probably count on one hand the number of songs in our library with that word. Next suggestion? I thought about songs that mention the word beer. Still not enough to get through a weekend, so instead we started drinking beer. That didn't help the thought process at all, but it tasted good.

It was shortly after that when Doug Mosher (you remember him?) stopped into the office and blurted out "Classic Rock epic songs." the dumb look on our faces prompted Doug to explain. Those are songs that are for lack of a better word - epic. They are songs that stood the test of time. You love them every time you hear them. They are kind of the best of the best Classic Rock tunes.

Since we were tapped out both mentally and from drinking beer, Jim and I ran with the idea. And there you go. Double shots of Classic Rock's best epic songs throughout the weekend because we couldn't think of anything else. Thanks Doug.

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