The outcome of today's presidential election will make mark a first in this nation history, no matter who wins as the eyes of the world await the results.

Hilary Clinton is the first female major party candidate and a former first lady of an elected US President.

Donald Trump is the first non political candidate who has never run for any type of office.

I don't really have to go any farther to point out how unique this election year has become.

The negative sides to both candidates have made the majority of Americans nervous, agitated and extremely stresses out.

I have seen friends turn on each other, family members screaming at each other, it seems like our country is divided almost equally as to who they want to see in the white house in 2017.

I think most of us are disappointed in some of the things these candidates have said and done.

The accusations and to some extent political propaganda, that we have had thrown at us for the past year has created this divide in Americans.

Today we will decide who will be out next president.

New York State Polls are open from 6am to 9pm..Pennsylvania-7am to 8pm

Hillary Clinton? Or Donald Trump?

991 The Whale encourages you to exercise your right as an American and get out and vote today.

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