It is official, in a landslide victory, Donald J. Trump will be the 45th president of the United States when he takes the oath in January.

Official Electoral Score (270 Needed to Win):

Donald Trump: 278

Hillary Clinton: 218

If you would have told most of us that Donald Trump would be the next President of the United States we probably would have laughed, and many did last year when he entered the race.

I think Americans are tired of the status quo, and want changes for this country..

There will be a lot of pressure on Trump's administration to boost our economy and bring business back to this country.

Like most of you I see what has happened to many of the businesses in our area, when I was a young man in my early 20's there were several businesses in Greater Binghamton were you could get a job and many of them were for life.

Technology is the main reason many of these businesses have folded, but others have moved their factories and plants to another country to cut cost and prosper as a business.

I think the state of our economy had a lot to do with many Americans decision, I hope the right choice was made, it was very difficult given the short comings on both sides.

I love this country and have always felt it was a great nation, I sincerely hope that President Trump will stand by his words and bring back the prosperity that continues to make us great.

Here is Donald Trumps victory speech.