The presidential election is five weeks from today, and probably the strangest election we have ever had in our life time, many people are still not registered to vote and the deadline is a few weeks away.

In a little over one month we will have a president that will be a first of their kind.

Hillary Clinton would be the first Woman and former first lady to become president.

Donald Trump would be the first nonpolitical candidate to become president.

This country is almost divided equally down the middle as to who they would like to see as Commander and Chief.

I have seen people become enraged over a comment about their choice or their non-choice in this upcoming election.

I don’t care who you vote for, and I will not talk politics with people because it gets you nowhere.

Just look at social media whenever someone posts something about Trump, the Hillary people fire back with remarks and insults, and the same when someone tries to put down Hillary, the Trump supporters get their digs in.

I do have my opinions and I have made up my mind who I will vote for next month, but I will keep my comments to myself.

I do think it is important to exercise your right to vote, and I encourage you to do so.

Think about who you would like to lead this country in 2017 and make a decision based on your views and perceptions, don’t be swayed by what others say and write.

I have posted links to voter registration that you can do on line.

The New York State deadline for registration is October 14, 2016
New York State Voters Register HERE

The Pennsylvania deadline for registration is October 11, 2016
Pennsylvania Voters Register HERE

Don’t forget to cast a vote for your choice on November 8th
God Bless America.