David Gilmour is giving fans an early look at his upcoming Live at Pompeii release with a full-length clip of "Rattle That Lock."

The live album and concert film, due in stores Sept. 29, captures Gilmour's return to a venue he'd previously — and historically — played as a member of Pink Floyd decades previous, albeit without an audience in attendance. While lining up tour dates in support of his Rattle That Lock solo LP, the idea of playing Pompeii was proposed, and he agreed without thinking anything would come of it.

"I can't remember who came up with the thought," said Gilmour in an interview taped for the Live at Pompeii electronic press kit. "But, you know, we were looking around and throwing suggestions around for places to play. The minute someone mooted the idea of playing Pompeii, I said 'Go for it. Absolutely. You'll never get it. I don't think they'll let us do it. But give it a go.' They gave it a go, and we did it."

The end results, which you can sample in the "Rattle That Lock" clip above and catch in theaters during a one-night-only engagement on Sept. 13, offered a full-circle moment of sorts for Gilmour, who relished the opportunity to return to the site of a previous achievement on purely his own terms.

"We walked in there, [my wife] Polly and I, and it just brought back all sorts of memories," mused Gilmour. Chuckling about the primitive gear Pink Floyd used while making its 1972 Live at Pompeii concert film and recalling the intense heat in which they rehearsed, he expressed amazement that they were able to come out of the experience with an end product that held up as well as it did. "Going back this time, all sorts of memories and ghosts hanging around in that place," he added. "I had the time of my life. I thoroughly enjoyed it."

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