When I was younger I used to think snakes were cool. My friends and I would go catch some and put them in a fish tank on my neighbor's back porch and say they were our pets. Then after a day or two my neighbors parents would set the snake free and we would be off to look for more snakes. Now that I'm older I really have no use for snakes.

A story broke a couple of days ago about a woman in Cleveland that had rescued two boa constrictors. She already had eleven snakes in her house as pets. One of the boas wrapped itself around her head and latched onto her nose and wouldn't let it go. She had to call 911 and have emergency services come and help her. According to USA Today, the woman was treated at a nearby hospital for non-life threatening injuries. The responders had to use a pocket knife to kill the snake because it wouldn't let go.

I don't understand why people would have dangerous snakes like this as a pet. It would be like having a lion for a pet, or a bear for a pet. They can attack at any time. I guess to each his own. But then when something like this happens, I can't say I'm surprised.




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