Touch screens are becoming more and more popular. You find them in stores, fast food restaurants and gas stations as well.

We have posted articles before about the germs on the screens, and now we find an article about a snake inside a touch screen.

In Gardner Kansas, Holly Malkames captured the video of a snake slithering around inside the touch screen at a gas pump while someone was filling up.

According to CNY Central, the snake was safely removed from the pump and neither the snake or the gas pump were harmed.

That would freak me out. I would get back in my car and drive down the road to the next gas station.

You can see the video here.

I featured a Strange But True story this morning about a woman that was pulled over by the police because she was driving down the road with the nozzle from the gas station still in her tank with the hose bouncing behind her S.U.V.

If there was a snake in the screen of the pump she was using, I would totally understand that. But, in that story that I found on, it turned out she was drunk.


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