When I think of biker chicks I think of hot women wearing chaps. This woman is not one of them. She has always wanted to ride a motorcycle and when she turned 100 she probably thought there's no way she's Crossing that off her bucket list. But with some help from her dentist. a 103 year old woman in Minnesota finally got to ride on a motorcycle.

Her name is Bert Mullenbach and according to KTCC, she lives in a nursing home in Rochester Minnesota. She was talking to her dentist last week who owns a motorcycle, and he offered to take her for a ride on his Harley. He picked her up at the nursing home so her friends could all see her go for the spin.They got her a helmet and an oversized leather jacket. Then they helped her get on the hog, and he took her on a 15 my ride.
Check out the video.

[via KTCC]

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