OK, I will preface this with the fact that I am not looking for the "awe" factor, nor am I looking to get the male population mad at me because their significant other may nag them about this idea I had.

It's an idea I made a reality many years ago and decided to do it again. A person close in my life (let's keep it at that) has a birthday that falls on the last day of the month. I thought it would be cool to do a month of birthdays. 30 gifts in 30 days.

Specifically, that means I buy a gift for every day of the month leading up to her actual birthday. Now I am not made of money, so each daily gift averages around five dollars. Some days it could cost 10 dollars and some days it might only cost three dollars, depending on the gift.

To find these inexpensive gifts, I visit area dollar stores and discount department stores. You'd be surprised what stuff you can find. My main intention is to find gifts that are fun or funny. For example, I've picked up a battery operated can opener, unusual office supplies, silly putty, light up blue tooth speaker, candy, a scrambled egg maker - all costing about 5 dollars each. Not all have been silly. I've also purchased a flower bouquet or two.

So, it's not expensive overall and it's fun to watch her open up these goofy gifts each day. Some she can use, and some may just end up in the junk drawer, but that's fine. In case you are wondering, on her birthday the main gift will not be a dollar store item. That would not go over well.

The downside to all this is I am horrible at wrapping gifts. I will not miss that daily task. Call me crazy, but I think it's been more fun for me that her. Does that make sense?

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