Remember when you turned that all important 18th birthday? For me, it meant I could finally drink alcohol, legally. Not that I ever did before I was 18...wink, wink.

It also meant I was finally an adult and I was done with high school. College was just a couple weeks away and life was great. Recently, I was talking to a co-worker about songs we loved around the time we turned 18, and it got wondering what was the number one song on the top 40 charts that day I turned 18.

I checked out the website Birthday Jams, and it lists the song that was number one on my 18th birthday in 1973, was 'Louie Louie' by the group Stories. Then, I thought it would be interesting to find out what was the number one top pop song the year some of my favorite rockers turned 18. I wonder if they were rockin' out to that tune? Looking at the song titles, I think probably not. Check them out below.

#1 Song ON Classic Rockers 18th Birthday

via Birthday Jams

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