A Binghamton man, arrested in connection with several thefts of copper from vacant homes, will serve 10 years in New York State prison for burglary.


34-year-old Manani Oliveras was found guilty in January of two counts of felony burglary and two misdemeanor counts of possession of burglar tools.

Oliveras was arrested last June after authorities investigated the theft of copper from homes that were for sale or had been foreclosed on and were unoccupied.

Oliveras was accused of knowingly entering homes in the Town of Dickinson and Village of Endicott with intent to commit a crime and illegally possessed tools that would aid in breaking into buildings.

In addition to prison time for burlary, Oliveras was sentenced to 2 and a half to five years for another related burglary, which will be served consecutively to the 10 year term.  Following his release, Olivaras will be on parole for five years.


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