What's worse than hearing the song “Baby Shark”? Being forced to listen to it at high volume for hours at a time. And this wasn't kids torturing their parents by playing the song over and over again, even though millions of kids have tortured their parents by doing that, this happened to prisoners in a jail.

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No, this did not happen at the Broome County Jail, nor did it happen at Guantanamo Bay, it happened in Oklahoma. According to the Oklahoman, District Attorney David Prater charged two former detention officers and their supervisor with misdemeanor counts of conspiracy and cruelty to a prisoner. The paper reported that Prater said he wished he could have charged them with felony counts for their behavior.

The three men were accused of placing inmates in handcuffs while attaching them to a secured wall and forcing them to listen to a loop of “Baby Shark” at very high volume for long periods of time. The “inhumane” torture allegedly took place back in November and December of 2019 at the Oklahoma County Jail according to the report.

This may not be as cruel as waterboarding, but listening to that song just once is cruel enough in my opinion. I guess it could have been worse, they could have forced them to listen to the theme song from the TV Show Barney over and over again.

I remember my nephew was really into Barney when he was a kid. I actually bought him a Barney CD that featured the theme song as well as other annoying songs that were used in the show. Now that I think about it, I should apologize to my sister and my brother-in-law for that.

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