Apparently, the coaching staff isn't happy with Odell Beckham Jr's recent meltdowns (temper tantrums), and they're threatening action against him is he doesn't reel in his anger. Remember his antics from the last couple of weeks?

via SBNation

€” Here is where the Giants are with Odell Beckham, Jr. –€” another meltdown at Green Bay on Sunday night and he will be benched. And depending on the severity of it, he could be suspended by the team for at least one game, maybe two.

Two different Giants coaches told me this on Wednesday. This has been the straight talk, the real talk with Beckham. They do not expect, however, that it will come to this. They think he gets it. They think the worst of his in-game tantrums are over.

Good for them! I find it to be unprofessional, and unsportsmanlike. He needs to take a chill pill for sure!

[via SBNation]