With the NFL Scouting Combine this weekend, all eyes are on the top NFL prospects and writers are churning out mock drafts seemingly every three seconds.

Ahead of the combine, Sports Illustrated put out the most recent mock draft, featuring selections for the Giants, Bills, and Jets.

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The Giants are currently slated for the fourth pick, with which SI believes the Giants will go defensive, selecting Clemson linebacker Isaiah Simmons.

Not the worst projection in the world here. Anyone who watched Giants games last year will know that the G-Men's defense was absolutely abysmal. Simmons is a high-impact and versatile who should be able to step in day one to be a big influence.

One of the biggest issues for the New York Jets in 2019 was toughness in the trenches. Yes, we all watched Jets quarterbacks be picked off one-by-one through injury, but was also easy to see that Le'Veon Bell was getting absolutely zero help from his offensive line. He's one of the league's best backs, yet he only had 789 yards, three touchdowns, and averaged only 3.2 yards per carry.

With the Jets O-Line ranking bottom three in both run and pass blocking, and this being a solid draft for elite offensive line talent, Alabama offensive tackle Jedrick Willis at number seven is a safe pick. He is an elite run blocker and should be able to be at least solid in protecting Sam Darnold.

The 2019 season saw the Buffalo Bills emerge as a growing force in the AFC. They are one of the most well-coached teams in the league and the defense became an elite unit that no offense wanted to face.

The offense shows promise, but is still lagging behind. Josh Allen has flashes, yet is still wildly inconsistent. Devin Singletary became a solid back. What they are really missing is playmakers on the outside.

John Brown had a great year notching over 1,000 yards receiving, but I honestly think he is better suited to be a number two wide receiver, with Cole Beasley manning the slot.

The Bills selecting Clemson wide receiver Tee Higgins at number 22, as SI projects, makes lots of sense. He would add plenty of verticality for Josh Allen's cannon of an arm.

The NFL Rookie Scouting Combine will be shown on NFL Network this Thursday through Sunday, March 1.

The 2020 NFL Draft kicks off on April 23.


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