Have you kept a list of everything that has gone up in price over the past couple of years? I miss paying what I was paying out from just about everything before the pandemic. It was a lot less, that's for sure.

While I don't know how many things have gone up in price for you over the past couple of years, many of the things I pay for, have risen in cost. And there's another service I receive that apparently is going up cost-wise.

According to the WKBW-TV Buffalo website, Spectrum, which also serves the Southern Tier, is raising rates as well. The article notes that the reason given is that their cost for programming services is growing. So, that means increases for the consumer.

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Increases will occur for the Broadcast TV surcharge, Spectrum TV select, and TV receivers. While it appears that my bill will increase by less than 10 dollars (I just paid my bill and haven't seen any increase so far), it's still an addition to all the other services and things I pay for, that have gone up in price since the pandemic began.

Off the top of my head, as I write this, I am paying more since the pandemic began, for:

  • Car insurance (times two vehicles)
  • Yearly seasonal camp fee (sure it's a luxury, but it's my vacation getaway)
  • Gasoline (times two vehicles, lawnmowers, snowblower)
  • Sewer, water, and refuse
  • Village, town, and school taxes
  • Streaming TV and audio services
  • Electric & Gas
  • Home insurance
  • Mortgage
  • Groceries
  • Dining Out
  • Medicines

Even services for projects around my home have gone up in price. For example, I was thinking about having my driveway repaved, since it's been deteriorating over the past couple of decades. I got a couple of estimates and found out that the cost has at least doubled due to oil price increases among other factors.

The cost of living just continues to rise. So, what's next to increase? I'm afraid to ask.


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