Every year, we put together what I can probably say is the most popular feature we do on 99.1 The Whale. If you said Classic Rock from A to Z, you are correct.

It's pretty simple. We play every song from what we call Binghamton's Largest Classic Rock Library from A to Z by title. One year we tried to do it from Z to A. It was fun, but tough for us old guys to be sure to get it right going backwards. We have a tough time going forward!

For this feature, the computer in the Whale Studio has no music scheduled. We manually program every song (boy are my fingers tired pushing so many buttons) to make sure they all get played, and in order. We run into some tricky alphabetical issues, such as does 'I' come before 'I'll' or I've,' and for any song that begins with the word 'The', we use the first letter in the second word of the tune to determine where it gets played.

All this means we have to think, and you know 'think' and radio personalities don't necessarily go together. Anyway, getting down to the meaning of this story, even though Classic Rock from A to Z has ended (for now) we do play many of those lesser heard songs during our weekly 'Classic Rock Shuffle Thursday'; where the studio computer is set to shuffle mode, and is allowed to pick from our A to Z library.

Thanks for all the great comments during Classic Rock from A to Z and we hope you get your deep cut fix every Thursday on 99.1 The Whale!

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