First off, thanks for all the calls, e-mails and comments on The Whale's Classic Rock from A to Z! We've been having as much fun as you have been listening.

Everytime we put together this fun feature, the realization hits us just how many songs are in the library that we call Binghamton's Largest On-Air Classic Rock Library. A lot of 'oh wow' type songs sit in there. They may not been the most popular tunes ever recorded, but they are fun to listen to every so often.

Another comment we occasionally get is "Why don't you play all theses songs all the time?" Well, we addressed that a few years ago with Shuffle Thursday on The Whale. Basically every Thursday, we put the studio computer in shuffle mode and among the great Classic Rock we play, it also digs into the A to Z library and that's where some of those 'oh-wow' songs get heard.

As of this writing, we are on week two, day six of Classic Rock from A to Z on the letter 'L', and there's no way it will be done by Friday evening, so stay tuned in and enjoy! Classic Rock from A to Z airs from 6 am to 7 pm Monday through Friday.

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