With this being a short week, our weekend theme meeting was going to be moved to Thursday, rather than Tuesday which as you know, was the 4th of July. Little did I know Jim Free would be skipping out.

After a nice 4 day weekend, Jim asked for Thursday and Friday off. Of course with the weekend thrown in, that makes for another 4 day weekend. That's right...4 days off, work one day and then another 4 days off. What the hell!

Ah, it's his 10th year wedding anniversary, so who am I to deny him time off? Besides, I'm sure his bride would come at me with mighty fury. Not going to mess with that.

So I decided myself that this would be one of our most popular weekends (sorry, I have no data to back that up), a Classic Rock Block Weekend. It's basically hourly double shots of awesome tunes from great rock artists and bands. So there you go.

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