I know some friends that are going to sign up for the service hoping that this happens to them.

For years now you have been able to order snacks through the mail. One company that offers this service is called Graze. Graze is a snack company based in New York City. According to NBC 4 New York, Jeanine Mulholland of Tannersville receives bi-monthly snacks from the Graze company. Last week the package showed up at her house, her 11-year-old son opened the package and found more than just snacks.

On top of the nuts, seeds, and sweets, was a vacuum sealed packet of marijuana. NBC 4 New York reports that Mulholland opened the packet to confirm it was marijuana, and then called the New York State Police.

The report also states that Mulholland contacted the Graze company which told her they reviewed video footage of the box being packaged and there were no visual signs of tampering. Federal postal inspectors and the state police are investigating the incident according to NBC 4.

If and when recreational use of marijuana becomes legal in New York state, shipping it with snacks might be an awesome business idea. It would be one-stop shopping for those who partake.

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