I live for road trips. Live for rolling down the windows, facing the sun, turning up the music, and hitting the road to see where the adventure leads. I also live for the road-trip snacks!

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Unfortunately, with gas prices what they are, I don’t see many summertime road trips in my family’s future this year but if we were to hit the open road, I can tell you exactly what snacks we’d pack in the car before taking our trip.

In my opinion, road trips are meant for enjoying snacks not enjoyed every day. We love to load up on beef jerky and mozzarella cheese sticks. Munchies and Bugles also make our list as do fun flavors of soda like strawberry and cherry.

My husband always packs some pretzels but that makes sense because he’s Pennsylvania born and bred and devours them like some people gulp down water. As a matter of fact, pretzels are the favorite road-trip snack of Pennsylvanians according to a study on which snacks are most popular in each state.

Upgraded Points did a deep dive into Google Trends to find out what snack was each state’s favorite. The clear winner was potato chips which ten states claimed as their favorite road-trip snack. Combos, rice cakes, and Sour Patch Kids were the favorites in five states.

The state with the most healthy road-trip snack preference is North Dakota which said they love to travel with trail mix.

But then, there’s New York and apparently, we're into healthy snacks, too. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE New York’s favorite road-trip snack but I can’t imagine it’s very easy to keep clean or even safe o drive while dipping a bagel crisp into.

New York's favorite road-trip snack is…hummus! New Yorkers aren’t alone in their love of hummus because it was also the favorite road-trip snack for Delaware and Massachusetts.

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